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Child Development 0-3 years


To explore the areas of child development for babies and children 0-3 years and consider how to use this knowledge to inform your practice


  • Consider the areas of child development within the Development Matters of EYFS
  • Recognise the range of resources, activities and opportunities to ensure all areas of learning are available on a daily basis for children 0-3 years
  • Explore how to relate child development knowledge to the areas of Learning & Development within EYFS
  • Consider how childhood theories can influences baby and children’s development
  • Explore how the Principles into Practice link to child development 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Know the 7 areas of learning and how to recognise each
  2. Create a map of all the areas of child development linked to resources,activities and opportunities within your setting for 0-3 years
  3.  Identify resources appropriate for each stage of development
  4.  Know how the key areas of continual provision on offer daily both indoors and outdoors relate to child development
  5. Make links between theory and practice related to child development
  6. Identify links between child development and the EYFS Principles into Practice